Behind the Sinking of the Lusitania, by Pat Buchanan

The picture below shows the warning published by the German government about sailing on the Lusitania.

About how America became involved in certain wars, many conspiracy theories have been advanced — and some have been proved correct.

When James K. Polk got his declaration of war as Mexico had “shed American blood upon the American soil,” Rep. Abraham Lincoln demanded to know the exact spot where it had happened.

And did the Spanish really blow up the battleship Maine <continue reading>



  1. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:
    the Oklahoma City bombing story is ongoing…I even saw on Fox News of all places that there is a court case proceeding to open the FBI records and show the tape of the second accomplice – if you really want to get conspiranoid, there are reports that both WTC93 & OKC bombing were orchestrated to usher in Biden’s later-to-be-called USA Patriot Act … of course you would have to open your mind to the possibility that those at the top of the US govt aren’t merely venal but sinister – I think that’s the mental barrier most of us have against believing these explanations of events.

    (See also

  2. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I had never heard of this WTC6 thing or the shaking camera – I will check them out, thank you. I did hear about the pedophile ring, however, and never knew what to make of it, until I was in London recently and the news was full of a story that 140 dossiers of high ranking officials being investigated for a child sex ring had disappeared ( Then today I read this shocking and I might have once said totally unbelievable story about Nicole Kidman’s father (, but now I’m not so sure. Finally, I had recently read about Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer possibly murdered for her interest in exposing child sex rings of the elite with the help of Child Protective Services ( I’m not sure I”m ready to fully absorb the possibility that these accounts are true.

    1. johndjasper says:

      When I dug into WTC 6 several years back, very little came up about it but I see now that there was plenty to find. I did a quick check today to see who the tenants were and low and behold, who do you think turned up? Only the $%^&* ATF! Just like OKC! Well not only as there were plenty of other shady orgs such as the regional office of the Peace Corps! ;o)

      Of particular interest is the evidence of WTC 6 having been severely damaged before either tower was destroyed and includes an explosion in that area that occurred in sync with the first tower (WTC2) demolition. Bollyn’s article below points out several evidential photos concerning this. Unfortunately, Bollyn keeps going on about the “Jews” and “nano-thermite” but otherwise does some useful journalism.

      The Mystery of WTC 6, Christopher Bollyn

      I’ll just mention that a number of witnesses describe their shock at the OKC bombing when “officials” stopped the rescue operation and cleared the scene until they could remove a large number of boxes from the building. The destruction of WTC 6 implies a similar need to remove or destroy something.

      Concerning child sex rings, allegations of the Kidman type seem to be popping up everywhere and the missing documents that you also linked to shows the scale of what the public are up against. I’ve recently read that the BBC Crimewatch host, Jill Dando, who was killed in broad daylight in what was clearly a professional hit, was allegedly getting ready to expose a ring here in the UK. Coincidentally, actress and director, Samantha Morton, has just been interviewed about her abuse as a child in Nottingham, UK ( Hers is a story of institutionalised abuse and blind-eyed authorities as opposed to trafficking but it seems to be neverending.

      The world does seem to be slowly waking up from what has truly been a “dark age” and I’m hoping that we might gradually fix the evils of this world and start a new golden age. Would that it could happen within my children’s lifetime(s?).

  3. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The upside of having off today is having a chance to join your interesting discussion. I have a few relevant points for you to consider:

    1. Charles – I have just begun going to an acupuncturist for a sore shoulder I had been treating for years with cortisone shots. I decided to use acupuncture just for a chance since so many have recommended it. I gave it a 1% likelihood of success. After 2 sessions I have a 40% improvement in the shoulder. The practitioner told me insurance must pay for it if it is to address pain. I don’t know if that’s true, but even if there’s a 1% chance it could help you, you might want to consider it.

    2. Before I actually saw with my own eyes the propaganda following the Boston Marathon Bombing (if this is new to you, start with this: it is my first post on the subject), I never questioned the official account of 9/11. I still have no idea what happened, but I do know this: the 9/11 commission report will not get you closer to the truth – it doesn’t even mention for example the collapse of WTC7.

    Another weird item I noticed since then is that the bombing of the WTC in 1993 was an FBI sting operation! That fact was reported by Dan Rather on CBS if I recall correctly (see here: If you want to know just how many questions remain about 9/11 and have 5 hours to spare (maybe it will get your mind off your pain 🙁 ) perhaps you would be interested in this engrossing film:

    3. John, as an anarcho-capitalist I have bristled at the call for social services by anti-capitalists especially in Europe. I still feel 100% confident that a truly free society would maximize peace and prosperity for the greatest number of people and in aggregate and that the few who could not earn their keep would be taken care of no problem; but I have also concluded that if “they” wanted to take care of people they could simply with the money they are already collecting in taxes – that is, technology has advanced enough that material want can be a thing of the past even coming from the grossly inefficient (and in my view immoral) avenue of socialism/wealth redistribution.

    This is how I figured it: I have calculated that of the $6.5T all the govts in the US combined spend annually, $1.5T or so is a combination of legitimate defense of somewhere between $300-400 billion (I calculated that by summing our next ten allies’ defense spending, which happens to be the same as our ten potential enemies’ combined defense spending – surely that is enough for peacetime) plus “public services” (roads, etc., not even discounting for inefficiencies). The remaining $5T is wealth redistribution as I define it, from public schools to cronyistic defense contracts (plenty of wealth is redistributed upward, which what will probably happen with Obamacare – from the lower middle class to the insurance companies, for example). If that $5T were simply redistributed directly to the lower half (wealth-wise) of the US population, every man woman and child would get a $30K check out of which they could pay for their own school, healthcare, etc. with ease, whether or not they supplemented this with a job. That is literally $150k after taxes for a family of five. I then concluded that “they” choose not to fix the problems or they would do just this.

    After concluding this, to my amazement, The Report From Iron Mountain casually mentioned that the govt could easily solve all problems of poverty, schooling, health etc. but it chooses not to because it would not provide the kind of manipulable lever that truly wasteful defense spending provides as that can be ramped up or pulled back as needed to manipulate the economy. The main goal of the Report was to advise on how to maintain the power structure as is – neither peace nor prosperity fit the bill and are actually a threat to the powers that be. So even though I am an unapologetic anarcho-capitalist, I would prefer my money be spent on healthcare for others than wars of aggression. (For my podcast on the report from iron mountain and also the link that gets you right to the short but shocking report itself click here:

    As John said, fasten your seatbelt!!

    1. johndjasper says:

      Monica, I agree with your assessment of the percentage of wealth redistribution and the intentions of those in power. I’m not actually convinced that the free market would provide solutions to all of the world’s problems but that is not a reason to surrender our personal sovereignty to any societal structure. As Randy Barnett of the CATO Institute repeatedly points out, any organisation with the power to fix those problems would also be powerful enough to create bigger problems and take away more of our liberties as they see fit. This is a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

      Thanks for the link to your post “The Clinton-Bush-Obama Continuum…” I haven’t studied the ’93 bombing much and certainly didn’t know about this FBI-supported/instigated terror attack. Imagine letting them have a real bomb to play with? I suspect that the other mistake they made was not assassinating their covert resource before he could open his big mouth. Perhaps they were counting on it just being his word against theirs instead of their recorded words against their later lies.

      While looking for Dan Rather clips on youtube last night, I ran across some items, new to me, that you might find helpful to flesh out your understanding of the 9/11 attacks. By that, they should help increase the number of unanswered questions in your mind!

      The first is this video on WTC 6, entitle “Surreal Pictures Inside WTC 6 Destroys 9/11 Cover Story For Ever !”:

      I discovered while reading the 9/11 statements (1) by first responders that WTC 6 was subjected to explosions both internal and underground and this synced with the catastrophic damage done to the building on the day as shown on the LIDAR images(2.) The video above helps point out the anomalies in the claim that WTC 6 was damaged only by falling tower debris.

      My second find is a debunking piece by Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone (3.) Taibbi laughingly points out the similarities between the truther conspiracy claims about the OKC bombing and the 9/11 attacks which no doubt proved entertaining to his “conspiracy theorists are nutcases” fans. To anyone else, it should be glaringly obvious that he’s pointing out serious issues with the respective official stories that any inquisitive person should want good answers for.

      One point he makes is how truthers latched onto initial media statements in favour of later, more informed statements and implies that reports of secondary explosions and unexploded devices made on the day were just laughable and not to be taken seriously.

      He laughs at experts stating that the various buildings were built to last and could not have just crumbled the way they did due to a truck bomb or plane impacts as applicable.

      He tries to discredit ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson because he ‘had devoted much of his post-FBI career to the exposure of a plot called “The Finders,” which he alleged was a vast CIA enterprise to kidnap thousands of American children for sex slavery in Satanic cults.’ If anything, I believe that increases his credibility especially in light of current child abuse scandals.

      He laughed at the seismic reports showing secondary explosions at both events and would probably laugh at the video which recorded a huge tremor moments before the first tower (WTC2 south) fell (4.)

      He pulls up so many anomalies that a concerned truth seeker could be kept busy for years chasing them all up and from what I’ve seen, coming up trumps almost every time.

      As a parting shot, you might find these photos of the South Tower Destruction (5) instructive. The top part of the building can be clearly seen falling to one side and in the series of photos, it appears to be destroyed from bottom to top well ahead of its downward movement. So what crushed the floors below it?

      I apologise for the 9/11 tangent and promise not to do it again!


      1. Oral Histories From Sept 11th Compiled by the New York Fire Department

      2. LIDAR images: Charting Ground Zero: Before and After

      3. Before the 9/11 Conspiracies, There Was the Oklahoma Bombing,_there_was_the_oklahoma_bombing

      4. WTC-2 Collapse, North Face From Tripod-mounted Camera – Shakes After Collapse (although it’s clear from the video that both towers are still standing. Unfortunately this video has been truncated just before the collapse but I’ve seen fuller versions that show just how quickly the collapse followed the shaking. JJ)

      5. Photos of South Tower destruction

  4. charles from duluth says:

    Thank you John, for a lot to consider.Most of what you shared, I had no knowledge of .I need to read 9/11 report to see what it says about what collapsed WTC 7. I am 63 years old and crippled by o-arthritis. FYI, yesterday I went to my doctor to get refill on hydrocodone pain medication which I must do every three months.On the wall, a notification stated, D.E.A.NOW REQUIRES monthly trips to your doctor for refills. I asked him if The Affordable Health Care Act was going to pay for monthly appointments and medical transport ,since I am getting that bad off.He said he did not know. This law was passed they say,because the drug is too abused . W.T.F.,why the farce! I think it is for other reasons.

    1. johndjasper says:

      Charles, it’s sad news that you are suffering from o-arthritis so badly. It’s a terrible disease which so many suffer from and conventional medicine still hasn’t got a clue about and from what I understand they just try to manage the symptoms of the disease without addressing the underlying cause. Now they’re making it more difficult for sufferers such as yourself to get the treatments that they do offer which is shameful but oh so typical these days. They spend $trillions on banks and bombs but begrudge every penny spent on the common man. I hope they can see past the bureaucracy and sort this out for you.

      Until 2009, I was completely unaware of any of this skulduggery. I was employed and working way too hard to dig deep into the events unfolding. Then I was made redundant and found myself with an inquiring mind, the internet and too much time on my hands. Before long, I was just like Monica Perez – eyes wide open and seeing behind the BS that gets broadcast as ‘news.’ If you keep following Monica’s programs, you’ll start to see not just how deep the rabbit hole goes but just how many holes there are. Strap yourself in. It’s one helluva ride!

  5. charles from duluth says:

    Thirty five years ago my dad told me, terrorism was cheap and effective. Suicide bombers is a phrase that is as useful to our side as it is to the enemy. We say look how insane they are. The enemy says how great the cause to blow oneself up. The enemy do not tell the fact, that many are poor children ignorantly paid or told they would be paid if they would stand on the corner and give the back pack on their back to someone else.The heartless enemy watches until one of our trucks comes by, then from a safe location sets the bomb off. We are told all 19 terrorist on planes that attacked us 13 years ago were suicide terrorist. It is possible that only the bastards who flew the planes and caused the crashes, knew it was a suicide mission .I would think it may be wiser to keep the truth from the others in case of nervous break down, that might ruin mission. Yes- they were all murderers I would like to know, are we sure they were all suicidal. We know to thank the military, lets also remember to thank our F.B.I., N.S.A., C.I.A. and others who are doing a good job protecting us.

    1. johndjasper says:

      Thanks for sharing. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) date back to the 60s after Gary Powers’ U2 was shot down. ( They were used extensively in Vietnam. Back in the late 70s, the USAF was rigging up old F-102 fighter planes with black boxes that flew the plane so that F-16 pilots could try to shoot them down. As a young USAF technician back then, I personally got to see one of these aircraft up close on its way to being kitted out.

      The technology for remotely flying aircraft had been available for decades before 9/11 and there should be no doubt that the aircraft that crashed into the towers were under computer control and probably completely empty of humans (not because the perpetrators were humane but because live humans on a remotely controlled aircraft could interfere with the mission.) The high-speed manouvres and accuracy of flight required to hit the towers and the Pentagon building were beyond the capability of most pilots according to many experts and of course expert pilots were unlikely to even want to hit these targets. These same experts also claim that the manouvres were beyond the capability of the Boeing-767. However, they were not beyond the capability of military aircraft guided by computer as the computer doesn’t need to sight the target to hit it – it only needs to mavouvre the aircraft to a given coordinate and altitude.

      The terrorists who drove these planes into the towers/Pentagon had no need to actually be on the aircraft. What’s more, these same terrorists had sufficient access to WTC 1, 2 and 7 (and apparently 6 and possibly others) as well as the Pentagon to rig them with high-explosives which ultimately caused the catastrophic damage that we witnessed on television. This is all backed up by reliable sources should you be willing to dig deeper into this subject. So unless you can accept that 19 mostly-Saudi Arabian terrorists had ample time to rig up explosives in at least 3 skyscrapers which would have taken months under the noses of the tower security personnel and set them to self destruct after the aircraft had struck, then you have to start questioning the official narrative of the 9/11 report. (But wait, no aircraft struck WTC 7! Was the aircraft that crashed in Pennsylvania, UA 93 supposed to hit WTC 7?)

      Finally, I wouldn’t be too sure about the military, F.B.I., N.S.A., C.I.A., etc protecting us. The only reason to believe that it’s true is the rhetoric that we hear from the mainstream media. All reliable evidence points to the contrary.

  6. johndjasper says:

    Well said, Kevin. If it weren’t for the mismanagement of the USA for centuries, there would probably be a healthy distribution of wealth among the population and probably no ultra-rich.

  7. Lusitania was the US sticking a foot in the road waiting for it to get run over so we could join the war. Something we had a habit of. Had we been non-interventionalist, we wouldn’t be swamped in military costs by having around 1,000 military installations (small and large) world wide. We would be in a lot less national debt without paying for all those installations over the past several decades – it adds up. Subtract that along with decades of failed social wealth distribution, we would be quite the economic superpower instead of 20 trillion in debt. We could possibly still be on the gold standard with no Federal Reserve Bank in existence.
    Kev, fellow an-cap, former usaf officer 🙂

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