1. hugh says:

        I think I had previously tried your “emajl” link, but that approach still posts to your website and is not “offline”. But I did send you three links…hope they are helpful.

  1. hugh says:

    Excellent show as always! Here is a link to an article about GMOs and the related battles ahead which we will face this year. People are definitely becoming more aware, but the “establishment” has their plans and will continue to fight us on every front! I’m not specifically endorsing this group, only passing along this article as it is current and fairly comprehensive. Here’s the link:

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Hugh,
      I am really digging into this issue & so far have concluded that the issue you identified when you called into the show Sunday is the critical issue: the feds should not be interfering with the states’ rights to address this issue. However, after trying to get to the bottom of the GMO question for the second time in a matter of months, I am still unconvinced that the jury is in on whether or not GMOs cause harm. I don’t like that the FDA has raised acceptable levels of poison residue on produce in response to growing plant resistance to herbicides, and i’m afraid of potatoes that actually emit pesticides, but that’s all i can stand behind. Here is a study of studies that says no harm found http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Nicolia-20131.pdf and the french study with tumor rats needs to be reproduced before doubts about methods are allayed. What do you think about all this? I would like any references to hard evidence on the dangers of GMOs…it’s SO hard to trust science these days seeing how so much of it has been co-opted by govt or industry.
      Thank you!

      1. hugh says:

        An initial response here. I’m so glad you want to delve into this subject as I do believe we are being slowly poisoned by GMOs. You indicate this is the second time in a matter of months that your research has not been conclusive. If you are using Internet ‘search engines’ and coming up empty handed it could be that you are being steered away from (or not given the opportunity to see) articles that might provide you with the information you are seeking. Initially, the Internet search engines would honestly yield a complete listing of all available articles on a given subject. Those days are gone. The search algorithms are being tweaked to eliminate incorrect PC articles. To find the politically incorrect articles, you must more and more go to the source (actual URL address) or to a focused site, to find the truth. And I’m certain the “establishment” is working on eventually completely blocking what they don’t want the folks to learn.

        And re science: it used to be that the soft sciences were corrupted, but you could still trust the hard sciences. That’s done as even the hard sciences are now corrupted. Think “9-11”. Can an honest scientist/engineer raise questions about the tower failures (building #7) and retain his job or receive a grant? I don’t think so. We are living a complete lie, on many fronts. It will collapse at some point. A foundation built on sand does not work!

        But to respond to your request, I will try to refer some solid resources to you. Is the only way to correspond with you on the open forum or is there an “off line” manner?

  2. hugh says:

    Sure wish Monica was on more than two hours a week! The Americans need a bunch more Truth and open eyes if they are ever going to wake up and reclaim this Nation.

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