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Hello Monica
As I stated on your show today, the media is absolutely terrible, and during this time with a presidential election taking place it is so important for the public to not be tricked by the media.
I think your show is awesome but I wish we had a show maybe even on a daily basis that would really point out what our government is up to and just what the facts are.
These polls put out by all the different sources are phony and corrupt in their own way, I have never received a call from anyone asking who I thought the best candidate is or anything of that nature, nor do I know anybody that has. It just seems so funny that everybody thinks just like the media acts, it is so scripted and planned it’s scary. Nobody seems to think for themselves anymore.
I’m sure that you are a very busy person, between trying to raise your children and have your weekly show, it must be very time consuming. I thank you for giving me the chance on the open air to get my point out to whoever is listening because what they do hear on a daily basis is generally nothing but propaganda.
Thank you for all that you do.
John Williams

I’m with you John! I want to do a show – made on my youtube channel – called The Propaganda Report, and just call BS on all we’re hearing on a daily basis – let’s see how long it takes me to fit that in!

Its J. from the OC – I called today about the lies of Nader and Chomsky – Progressives Lie and cover up massacres by US trained militias Al Nusra, ISIS, FSA coming from special ops bases in Jordan and Turkey. The myth that ISIS sustains itself by stolen oil is a fallacy, even the amounts of oil profits stolen from Syria are ‘estimates’ from U.N. State Dept. American agencies.
Nader had said ISIS was Bushs fault like Sanders, and the “blame the Saudis” routine has become the Democrat Pacifica Radio/Progressive Voices Radio Party line to protect Bernie/Obama Hillary.
Chomskys career funded by MIT was started as a CIA front, at one time Chomsky supported Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge in his youth. My contention is that 90% of all Progressive media is astroturf funded by the Globalists/the NWO State Dept/Foundations/Soros. Abby Martin now is promoted by Ring of Fire (Progressive Voices) and her Empire Files by TeleSur


I dont get the point of this process anymore. The Republican Debate – the
Democrat Debate agitprop electioneering, are they just a info-mercial to keep
the masses in ignorance now?

The Democrat Debate video could also be described as Right Wing and Republican,
as the Dems have moved so far to the Right. Bernie said – we’re all sick of the
Clinton emails scandal, (hardy, har, har) but the emails story was put forth to
bury the Benghazi Hearings fact Obama/Clinton shipping weapons to Al Queda/ISIS
in Syria, so isnt it all a big joke, eh?

The false aggregated corporatist propaganda and election rhetoric RE: the fake
war on Americas FSA, ISIS,Al Nusra mercenaries which were directed by US special
forces and the CIA the whole time since 2011, when taking over Assad and his oil
and gas pipelines is the true American military mission, why are we being served
agitprop to support the phony “war on ISIS” narrative by this supposed
“Independent” who says he will support Democrat Hillary if she becomes the

NATO and Turkish Complicity in the Massacre of Armenians at Kassab

The Massacre of Armenians at Kassab, Syria under the support of the Republic of

by Lilly Martin

“April, 2014: The President of the Syrian National Coalition, Ahmed Jarba toured
the occupied and devastated village of Kassab, Syria. He was accompanied by Free
Syrian Army terrorists and their Al Qaeda affiliates.

May 2014: Washington, DC. Ahmed Jarba meeting with President Barack Obama and
Susan Rice. President Ahmed Jarba is the leader of the Free Syrian Army, who has
pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda, and all affiliates.

Ahmed Jarba meeting with the Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davotoglu. The
Republic of Turkey assisted the Al Qaeda terrorists as they attacked, massacred
and occupied Kassab, Syria. The supreme leader of Turkey, Erdogan, personally
gave the order to kidnap 22 elderly Syrian Christians and take them to Turkey.

May 7, 2014: Ahmad Jarba, the President of the Syrian National Coalition, which
is the US backed opposition to the Syrian President Assad, had been to
Washington, DC personally to ask for more weapons for his armed wing, called the
Free Syrian Army, who are fighting the Syrian Arab Army.”

from Dave Lindforf radio blog


My question for you would be, What are some everyday things that individuals can do to reduce their dependence upon government, and thereby reduce it’s power?

Hi Monica, listen to your show this past Saturday, I would like to say that I believe that “the American revolution” is a misnomer. It was not a revolution as per French or Russian (1916), It really should be called the war for independence! Why, at the time we were being taxed without representation? We did not a representative in the House of Lords. Just think if Washington said to the state of Georgia, you no longer have congressman or Senators to represent you, but you will be taxed the same, just my nickel (inflaltion).

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