It took me about 24 hours to completely dismiss the idea that Trump’s victory was a victory for “the people” who managed to defeat the highly controlled media and election process. That’s not to say there isn’t a paradigm shift in how I see the world, there is: seems like there are indeed two factions in the upper echelon (if not the uppermost echelon); there is more of an element of responsiveness to the zeitgeist of the masses than I had realized (though this in itself may be a sophisticated manipulation, but it’s based on an inherent recognition that the zeitgeist must be controlled or obeyed); and there may be a major shift in strategy and tactics to get us to the world government that I am still convinced is on the agenda. The false flags and psy ops are obvious, but the path from these ham-handed mechanisms to the end game are more subtle and sophisticated and harder to see. In an effort to peel yet more layers of the onion than I had previously realized existed, I have come upon a few websites that were way ahead of this outcome, or at least were onto something bigger.

Here they are:

Philosophy of Metrics


Andreago Ferreira

Stateless Homesteading

As for my pre-election disposition, I was 100% convinced Hillary was the chosen one–just could not see around that because I believed she would be the one capable of silencing the anti-war left for the final invasions of the Middle East. But there were two things I failed to realize:

  1. She might not have been capable of silencing anyone even with media support.
  2. The powers that be have moved toward (have long been using?) a strategy of chaos beyond the obvious strategy of tension, as evidenced by all the protests George Soros funds.

The first–that Hillary might not have been able to control her faction even with media support–would be a paradigm-shifter for me in that I believed after Obamacare was foisted upon us and then Obama was re-elected anyway while the Tea Party and the Liberty Movement were subverted, meant that we would eat anything we were fed. This might not be true.

The second point makes me kick myself because that, along with several other red flags, was something I had noticed and talked about: They were clearly setting us up for post-election conflict. I failed to realize, however, the broader implication and many clear warning signs: they are embracing, promoting and channeling conflict at every turn from the Bundy Ranch to Black Lives Matter–it’s all conflict all the time, so who cares if there are some anti-war protests in the mix? Might even be useful.

Here are a few of the other warning signs I saw and ignored, blinded by the conviction that Hillary was The Chosen One:

  • The Trump PsyOp was just too big to be launched solely to get Hillary elected, that it must be there to restructure the GOP and neutralize the Libertarian Party. This was an understatement. Here are some of the signs I saw that this was a psy-op:
    • the Kate Steinle story, the El Chapo tweet
    • the round the clock coverage given by cnn and fox et al
    • the way the media acted like he was an enemy of the establishment and never outed him for the player he was
  • Trump studied at the knee of Roy Cohn, a lawyer with deep ties to the deep state and mobsters the world over.
  • Hillary was passed over for Obama because she couldn’t be trusted to be a lapdog (she and Bill would not fall on their swords for Hillarycare and risk losing a second term–they needed complete obedience as demonstrated by Obama’s dutiful trust in their power) and was no longer considered useful by the power elite.
  • The GOP could not lose another presidential election and still maintain the fantastically powerful two party psy-op.
  • The alt-right dialectic had been in the works for years, which I had noticed long before Hillary highlighted it.

But the absolute crazy thing is that since May 2016 I kept saying that there would be a massive pollster fail–that we were being set up for that–then I proceeded to scratch my head as to what form it would take! Duh.

There’s one more shoe to drop, in my opinion. The Secret Service has been setting up a legacy of incompetence over the past few years that must have a purpose, so who is in the crosshairs? Could be the Obamas, could be the Clintons, could be Trump himself (though again, he is a major operation and is unlikely to be wasted), or it could mean something completely different–I’m past trying to figure out the path! But I will continue to highlight the flags and am still convinced the end goal is totalitarian world government, but hey, I could be wrong!

One final thought…no matter what happens and no matter how transparent or opaque the actors or actions may be, the only thing we can be sure of is our principles. If we keep in mind Thou Shalt Not Steal & Thou Shalt Not Kill and hold our agents in government to that standard, and if, for our own protection, we are unyielding in our defense of the Bill of Rights (perhaps citizens on the left will realize the importance of the Second Amendment et al, especially States’ Rights, now that they don’t like the man in DC!), we don’t have to know who is doing what why, we can stop them anyway–that’s why their top priority is an attack on our ability to understand and defend our principles. But even if we don’t stop them, we can go down with our souls in tact if we stick to our principles.

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Funny, you bring this up. Unlike most conservatives or libertarians I have been telling everyone to watch current events more closely. More so now than when Obama came in to power. I take a cautious stance because I served under slick Willie for 8 years while on active duty. I was always taken by Trunps photo ops with Clinton. I learned that Bill doesn’t do anything unless it benefits him. Every move, every handshake is strategic with him. I’m not saying Trump won’t be a good president before he takes office, but I am saying given the forces that do in fact exist, We as watchers need to be on guard 24/7. I’ll stay in the race as long as you do.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill was in on it and Hillary wasn’t! I’m reading a book about them called Partners in Power from 1996 and their marriage seemed to be a sham even then.

i think their marriage has been a sham since Arkansas. I hope Trump doesn’t get in bed with slick Willie. This will be a very bad idea even though i know they have a history…he should stay very far away from that. I pray Pence will guide him on that.

Sorry this is so long. Like you, I’m just trying to figure out what’s happening. Like most things in life, the Trump election is complex. I prefer to view American politics and politicians through the lens of Israel and Jewish power. Once I know the degree to which a politician supports Israel I have a good idea where he or she will take the nation. For example, the two parties are powerfully influenced by two power Jewish ideologies: Neoconservatism (Republicans) and Communism (Democrats). Like most Americans, Jewish Americans are divided politically. Traditionally, Jews (like Catholics) have voted Democrat. More recently, Jews (like Catholics) have been voting Republican. There is an ongoing struggle within the Jewish American community regarding these two political ideologies. Regarding Israel, Democrats are not big supporters. They support Israel, but not as much. They support the Palestinians too. Republicans, on the other hand, support Israel 110% and consider Palestine to be a nest of terrorists that needs to be exterminated. A large part of that support comes from Christian Zionists, who are more Zionist than Christian. Remember when Mitt Romney promised in 2012 to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and consider Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel? ( Trump has made the same promise ( Obama, on the other hand, actually told Israel they need to abide by the UN resolutions against them and return to their pre-1967 borders ( Obama made peace with the Iran deal and Trump wants to tear that deal up. Hillary and Obama have been trying to overthrow Assad on the cheap, via jihadi mercenaries, and Israel is unhappy with this strategy. Israel, the Neocons, and Zbigniew Brzezinski believe the ouster of Assad requires US boots on the ground (meaning: regular infantry) ( As I said, the Trump election is complex. Like you, I thought Trump was getting his friend Hillary elected, and he actually came pretty close to do just that. She did win the popular vote. Trump has had political (presidential) ambitions for a long time (pre-2000). Trump is a businessman, a television producer, and an actor. I think he knows his audience, and he knows what it takes to attract and keep loyal viewers (and voters). Read Neil Postman’s 1985 book “Amusing Ourselves To Death” and you will see that he anticipated the rise of a Trump-like candidate, because we have turned everything from religion to politics into entertainment via television ( It could be that powerful Republican Neocon Jews in Hollywood, New York, and Washington knew how to create the Trump phenomenon and did so with the hope of getting him elected. And it could be Trump went along with that. Or it could be Trump was pretty much doing this on his own and that support came to him along the way. Regardless, the Neocons are returning to Washington to take part in the Trump presidency. I think Trump is likely to smooth things over with Russia, allow Putin to save face, and send the US military to invade Syria by March. All you have to do is listen to what he says about Israel and you can tell where he’s taking us, and it’s not to a good place. He’s really no different than Romney, Bush, or Cheney.

Trump’s Jews

Israeli Prime Minister Congratulates Trump

Why the Radical Left and Radical Right in Israel Are Celebrating Trump’s Win

Trump win divides Israelis, Palestinians

Trump links to Russian Jewish Mafia

The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy –

TROTSKY, STRAUSS, AND THE NEOCONS: War Party’s leftist and elitist roots exposed –

E. Michael Jones on Neoconservatives, CIA, Cold War and the Catholic Church

The Age of Trump? Worse, it’s the Age of Postman: Donald Trump and Neil Postman’s Prescient ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’

“When a culture disdains literacy for the important functions of public discourse and replaces that with a medium that focuses on format and style — and therefore entertainment — then you begin to get… you have a situation comparable to what Huxley meant by the drug soma… that everyone is kept sort of pacified, amused, entertained. President Regan is entertaining… Dan Rather is entertaining… even the nightly news, for all of its gory stories, is entertaining, because the film footage is exciting. The religion on television is amusing. Commercials are very amusing and entertaining. So that, as we move into this imagistic culture of short duration, dynamic, and amusing images, we have a population that becomes pacified… that no longer is capable of the kind of sustained reflection and analytical thought that I think is usually characteristic of literate cultures where typography is vital to every day’s functioning.” ~ Neil Postman (Source: PBS Currents Literacy Lost (1985)


I absolutely positively do not know who is at the top and if they are unified or competing–I am more aware of that opaqueness than ever post-Trump election. Open source investigation into this is nearly impossible because there are so many dialectics being pushed, so much info/disinfo, so many layers. Here is a link my emailer of the great truthdar (one of few who saw the Trump PsyOp in its fullness early on) sent me…what do you think?

The Catholic Church was compromised by Jews before the Renaissance. The Jesuits are one product of that compromise, as is “Pope Francis”. The Illuminati is also a product of that compromise. The fact remains: Trump is surrounded by Jews, not Jesuits.

“The Order of Illuminists was founded on May 1, 1776, by a professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt, and four associates. The order was secret and hierarchical, modeled on the Jesuits (whose long domination of Bavarian education ended with their abolition by the Papacy in 1773) and dedicated to
Weishaupt’s Rousseauian vision of leading all humanity to a new moral perfection freed from all established religious and political authority. Weishaupt did not so much invite intellectuals to join his new pedagogic elite as taunt them to do so. He radiated contempt for men of the Enlightenment who “go into ecstacies over antiquity, but are themselves unable to do anything,” and insisted that “what is missing is the force to put into practice what has long been affirmed by our minds.”

Source: “Fire in the Minds of Men” (.pdf) see: The “Illuminist Model” (beginning at p. 93) –

The Occult Renaissance and the Church of Rome: Michael Hoffman

“My thesis is that, far from being a break from elite Roman Catholicism since the sixteenth century, the Judaic policy of the ‘Vatican II Church’ as it emerged publicly after 400 hundred years, is the fulfillment and culmination of the centuries-old crypto-Kabbalism and Talmudism of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. This is the solution to the riddle of the resistance of the popes from Paul VI onward, to naive — though sincere and often heroic — traditional Catholic calls to the recent occupants of the papacy, to be ‘loyal to the Church of all Time,’ and ‘repudiate Vatican II,’ and ‘return the Church to as she was before the 1960s.’ The popes of the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries know what these uninitiated traditionalists do not: the Roman Church before Vatican II had been serving the kings of Kabbalah since the time of the Florentine Medicis. As startling as this datum will appear to most, the historical record will show that this was the case. From this occult root grew the accursed fig tree we see today.” ~ Michael Hoffman II

Read more: Vatican a Cabalist Front Since Renaissance –

I think the strategy of 2 NWO’s is looking more and more true. The BRICS being the “good” NWO and the west/US being the “bad” NWO. Right now we are seeing the bad NWO being defeated and everyone will feel good about this. Then the real NWO will move forward and the US will become part of it. Psyops inside of psyops. Order out of chaos. This is certainly chaos. Unless of course Trump really is a nationalist and works for the US and its sovereignty. I guess only time will tell. What is happening today does fall in with the big picture though of China/Russia leading the real NWO.


The Catholic Church was created by Jews. Roman Jews. The Roman Empire was 30% – 40% Jews during Christs time. Israel/Judea was comprised of a small % of the Jews of Rome. The Roman Jews despised the the troublemakers in Israel/Judea. They created a Roman Catholicism as their answer.
Napolian Bonapart, a Catholic, as Italian, not French. His DNA ancestry was of Roman Aristocracy, Jewish Roman Aristocracy. I suggest we dont realize who is a Jew. The Jesuits were no more started by Jews then was Catholicism itself. The Men of Spain to day are made of about 30% Jewish DNA. Sicilians are as much as 60% Jewish. I suggest, that there are +/-1.5 BILLION Jews on earth today, most are Catholic. Many are Muslim.

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