grayson2Libertarians might balk at this statement. After all, the Constitution gives the federal government the right to steal (Taxation is Theft!) and kill, and failed to restrain that government from overstepping the boundaries set up to contain those powers. As an anarcho-capitalist, I have concluded that no piece of paper can contain an entity that is given this type of power. People say to me that a “voluntary society” is a utopian fantasy, but I say the notion of “self-limiting government” is the utopian fantasy!

Yet, if there is a social contract (and I’m not saying there isΒ  πŸ™‚ ), the Constitution is that contract, and after much reflection, I believe that if the Constitution, both the letter and the spirit it of it as agreed to over 200 years ago, were obeyed, we might actually have a just government in this modern world.

I continue to believe the Constitution’s fatal flaw is that it created a central government so powerful that it could not contain it, but I also believe that having a clear written contract between the government and the people provides the unambiguous, unifying moral, legal and intellectual grounds for the people’s resistance to tyranny. This is why Obama and others with an ideology that calls for a fundamental transformation of the United States object to the clear premise underlying the Constitution: the rights of the individual surpass the power of the state. This is also why I disagree with those who call for a Constitutional convention–we are not going to create today a more perfect document than our founders managed to create on a clean slate during the Age of Enlightenment! This reasoning may contribute to why both Ron Paul and Derrick Grayson (and so many other good libertarians) will never waver from defending the plain meaning of the Constitution, and I respect their position.

TMOT would have been a great choice for LP VP!!

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Nullification was always the legal nuclear option but Lincoln trumped it with superior illegal military force.

Why wasn’t that written in? Also, the right to secede was a given as per the Hartford Convention in objection to the invasion of Canada (if memory serves)…i left out the fact that like the French and Russian Revolutions, the American Revolution was hijacked within a few years…the Articles of Confederation were the real deal IMO & they only lasted 8yrs–the Constitution was actually a subversion of states’ rights and the outcome as we see it were intended consequences indeed…all that said, however, I still believe that the contract it represents as understood by the people is the greatest threat to the one worlders–it is our only mental shield against the social conditioning we are otherwise total victims of…

Wow. Great post and a great thought. Too bad that the education of children by the federal government continues because Republican leaders and representatives are gutless wonders dating back to when Newt Gingrich failed to pull the plug on the Deparkmunt of Etyoumacakechum…..

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