What Did Trump Really Mean? Watch This & Decide for Yourself!

Check this out…In the same interview, two minutes after Trump said of Megyn Kelly, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever,” he said of Chris Wallace, he had “blood pouring out of his eyes too.” (at time markers 2:56 and 4:55 in the video below). What do you think Trump meant? Is the grossest possible interpretation still the most likely one?



  1. Bradrad says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I found some new words for the lexicon. I think when I want to refer to a hateful person, I could say, ” Wow, that Erick Eriickson is such a megan! Look at him! he is so bloated, he must be having his Trump! I was just kidding! Don’t be so Erick!”
    I really am just kidding, don’t take everything I say so Megan erickly.

  2. Bradrad says:

    I for one find this all very humorous. I think that it’s funny that Trump gets labeled a mysoginist after the way he labeled Mexicans. I find it funny that erik erikson gets labeled a pc patrolman after the way he slandered libertarians and Ron Paul supporters. I find it humorous that megan Kelly gets some of that “fair and balanced” back her way. I think they are all getting what they want. They all favor aggression. they all got some.

    1. MissKing says:

      Thx Mr.Hugh. Read the comments as U suggested. Some plenty funny. One young man, Mr.PhillipJen at 2:18 p.m. Aug. 9, gave the whole schmear of that worn, but tried & true Republocrat strategy: pick off the candidates they don’t like 1 by 1. Starting w/ the front-runner. So glad folks givin’ EE a hard time. He used 2 gyrate my last nerve.

  3. Susana says:

    His comment about the blood was crass and unpresidential. True Megan came a bit strong but his response was uncalled for. Trump is a smart man used to have his way and apparently a bit thin skinned. When you run for public office you have to toughen up your skin. I like that he speaks his mind and I respect that as I do so myself but if I was to run for President I would have to tame my comments while still speaking the truth.

    1. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Please watch the above video from 2:30 to 5:30 or 6:00… Trump made an almost identical comment about chris wallace as he did about Megan kelly… I don’t think he meant anything crass at all. I was shocked however at the crass language used by the mainstream media over and over again as they imputed this base meaning to trump’s ambiguous comment. Why trumps campaign has not directed people to the longer quote is inexplicable to me – but so is this whole drama. Again, I urge all to watch at least the full 3 or 4 minute clip and draw your own conclusions.

      1. hugh says:

        Trump was on three of the Sunday TV shows, and from memory, I believe I recall Trump mentioning the similar Wallace comment at that time. This certainly should be better stressed!

      1. hugh says:

        You wouldn’t be an ‘Establishment Troll’, would you? I also read your earlier post and that thought has crossed my mind.

        1. Tony says:

          Lol. If you mean establishment troll by way of identifying the establishment then yes. I am in no way in supporting the establishment. Given all the info at hand I smell a Perot pt 2. Don’t get me wrong I like Mr Trump. But I’m also aware of the human heart. So I walk with caution. I will say that Mr Trump is giving the GOP a boost in getting a pair. I refuse to fight other conservatives and libertarians. I fought for this nation 23 years so I hope I come across as sincere.

          1. hugh says:

            Thanks kindly for your response, and I mean that sincerely! Guess we are reacting differently to this latest ‘gotcha’ by the Establishment. And p.s., I don’t trust Trump further than I can throw him, but I absolutely love what he is saying. And the Americans are responding in a very positive manner!

  4. Norman says:

    A new plus for being a libertarian. The liberty to be free from feeling offended by other people’s words ….. True freedom just isn’t freedom to , but freedom from ….

  5. Taylor says:

    Great CNN interview… Trump’s just a Mainstream American, who is very successful turning problems in to opportunities…
    …. his immediate reaction during debate to someone (“Gestapo Media”) being socially aggressive was handled well. His after thoughts about her demeanor and agenda was a very convenient opportunity for the “Gestapo Media” to create a problem… Tump is the 500 lb gorrilla in a room full Sock Monkeys….

  6. hugh says:

    I was out running some errands and tho‎ught of a good question for Erickson.  He should understand this question as he is supposedly going to seminary.  Did he pile on Trump and pull this stunt to enhance his next career move with ‘establishment media’, or did he actually receive some ‘silver’ as payment from his masters for dis inviting Trump and bringing in Kelly?  It all reeks, and that includes Erickson, of course!

    We know the elites have been gunning (figuratively at this point) for Trump, and failed so far. Perhaps they think this fake PC ‘War Against Women’ tact will work. I do so hope the Americans see through this ploy and take further notice of how (and who) we are all being manipulated, as ‘the establishment’ is clearly exposing themselves and their operatives to us.

    1. hugh says:

      And I should add that Erickson pulled the planned straw poll from his political event. This is huge! Per his Tweet,”Hey, I killed the straw poll too!”, after boasting of disinviting Trump, (see link below to article showing visual scan of the tweet in a London ‘Daily Mail’ article), Erickson took it upon himself to eliminate input from his audience! Patriotic Americans can not be allowed to express their opinions in Erickson’s world. This is tyranny!!!!! Erickson masquerades as an American conservative, but he is anything but that! I do wonder how many pieces of silver (or equivalent) he received for his betrayal?! See the link below to view the Tweet.


  7. Tony says:

    Given his track record, (words,actions etc), I would say that he meant more than blood in the eyes. He’s use to having his way, and though he has tapped into this nations anger I ponder at his actual mission. He stated that he gave to the Clinton foundation to get favors, will anyone be able to collect favors from him in the same fashion if elected president?
    As a typical red blooded American male I was amazed at his comments towards Megan. I thought Fox did a really outstanding job of asking questions that matter. At the end of the day Mr Trump is a modern version of Ross Perot if he goes independent.

  8. timryanmd says:

    Yep. Erickson and the insiders are looking for a way to remove Trump. Eric’s pious speech was ridiculous and made him look more foolish. I feel certain that most reasonable people see through this.

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