3 thoughts on “Syria: Are We Playing Peacemaker . . . or Chess? Podcast of January 26 Show”

  1. Monica,
    I much appreciate the video you added to this posting. James Corbett is absolutely excellent in my opinion. He nails it as he does in all the previous videos of his that I’ve viewed. This whole “Syria matter” is of tremendous importance as it is one of the key pieces on the chessboard that the elites have targeted for removal as they work towards total control of the earth and its inhabitants. I think that is the goal.

    ps. F. William Engdahl is another individual who I do believe is peeling the onion with his writings and videos. Of course he’s controversial, but isn’t all this discussion in the same category…controversial?!

    • You’re right – I regretted glossing over Engdahl – I haven’t delved into him myself but I will. What I’d really like to do is interview him!

      • Monica,
        So glad you’re going to check out Engdahl. I find him very informative and honest. I’m attaching a link that will provide you with his bio and a partial archive of his writings. I would bet you will find yourself in agreement with most or many of his thoughts. And the site source is one of my daily reads. They have many writers, some I like and others not. They are not PC at all!


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